Tuesday, June 30

The mystery behind magnetism..

There is always one question that pops up in my mind all the time....

what is a magnetic field and what is its origin...??

The experimental proof obtained as a result of Oersted's experiment confirms that there is a magnetic field around every current carrying conductor.... the polarity of the magnetic field depends on the direction of the current... obtained
as a result of right handrule ..... this polarity is generally a fictitious end points
at which the magnet field starts(north pole) and ends(south pole).....

But how come a magnetic field exists around a magnet????

This can be explained with two sensible ideas or theories....

every atom af
an element has a revolving electron.... this revolving electron is
analogous to a loop current .... therefore the this revolving electron
results in a current and hence a magnetic field...this is called ampere

also another theory states that every electron exhibits its own prpoerty called as
spin ...this spin of an electron is related to the electrondyanmics which again results in a magnetic moment called as spin magnetic moment... this also has an effect on magnetic field of a particular magnet...

generally Fe(iron), Co(cobalt), Ni(nickel) and the alloys of these elements are used for making magnets... {Lanthanides which has an unfilled
"f" shell is also used for making magnets}... artificial magnets are made by subjecting
the alloy or any one of the above materials to heat andcontinud till
the temperature crosses the curie temperature of the material and then cooled in magnetic field.....
In a magnet the circular motion of the electron or the spin of the electron is oriented in one particular direction so that a magnetic moment and hence a field is created......

the questions that am not able to find answer for....are

>>>what is the reason for occurence of the magnetic field in natural
magnets?(in the sense how the spin is oriented in one direction??)

>>>even in the case of artificial magnet, when the spin or the motion of the
electrons are said to be oriented,wil there be a deflection in the
galvanometer or voltmeter connected across the magnet??

>>>with what force or energy is the spin of the electron taking place??(it is
evident from the quantum theory that electron spin only answers to
various properties of elementsincludin periodicity)

any help in finding the naswer will be appreciated.....