Monday, August 4

Goodnight Good morning

When vettiness consumes you over and you wanna do something that you think might be an odd choice or a ridiculous notion as such ... You always finally fall into one thing ... Wat*a ... Gotta see a movie ...

Thiraippadangal has always been a good way of passing time, as I have always enjoyed being emotionally titillated and intellectually masturbated (idhudhaan shakespear poatta omlet) ... So naturally you have to decide how to watch one.

With my recent addiction to my Jingli Android Phone I thought why not stream movies. Never tried that one before. So tried the same in google play movies and found Goodnight Good Morning. By the man Sudhish Kamath. In case if you don't know him, he writes reviews and stuff about cinema for THE HINDU. So naturally I was interested in watching his movie. Imagine seeing Vasishtar's audition tape for the post of "Brahmarishi". Wouldn't that interest you??
So naturally I got(aamaam makkaley, you have to rent it for Rs. 25) the movie and started watching on Friday night.

About The Movie: Have you ever had a friend who puts kadalai while travelling in a car throughout the journey while you're talking about football or cricket or something interesting in the world and you just wanna beat him to pulp then and there? Even though the question is rhetorical I can understand that most of us do share the same feeling. Well this movie shares the idea with the exception of violence that i mentioned earlier.

WHY NO VIOLENCE? .. Angadhaan director vachaan twistu ...

The story happens in New York of the USA of the Universe ... So all guys will talk like Obama's Onnu vitta chithappa pasanga ... "Hey dude/ What brah/ Cool man/ Fu***ng hell" etc. When Indians, especially people who look like Kandhasamy Magan and Munusamy Magan, talk like this, I get pissed off as it sounds really fake. But in this case it is not that odd. Ada vidungappa pesittu pogattum.

Wat*a whats there in it: Okay, if you have seen a movie called Before Sunrise by Richard Linklater then you would understand why people talk to each other for quite a long time about absolutely nothing. Actually they talk about relationships and stuff ... so nothing useful. This movie is heavily inspired (or as we used to say locally "english padam copy da", even though the treatment is different) from that I believe.

A guy and a girl, complete strangers, talk all through New Year's eve, without sleeping, about their past, relationships etc. As ridiculously mokka as it sounds the movie is not that mokka. It is a masterclass in Kadala putting and I particularly enjoyed it because the female lead never, not even once in the movie, said "Naan police-a kooptruven, phone-a veida rascol". Instead they talk and talk and talk because they are alone on New Year's eve. For people who don't know the significance of the "Being alone on New Year's eve" you need to watch a lot of 90s sitcoms. Every sitcom has this kinda episode atleast once (except seinfeld maybe).

Highlights: For a movie that does not contain an introduction song, thangachi/amma sentiment, matrix action sequences, item song by a girl who cannot lipsync to tamil lyrics, no vettu kuthu/kolai, no madurai sand smell, no TASMAC scenes, no love failure songs, the only plus point could be the dialogues and the scenes.

There are two stories about past relationships from both ends. The one from the Girl's perspective seemed compulsively dramatic to me, a deliberate way of forcing emotions out of the audience. Although the sound track for the abortion scene (Silent Night/Holy Night) was an Om**ley gethu touch (ada ada enna emotion enna emotion). It added flavour to the very ordinary scene. This made me wonder, should women always have these kind of very heavy scenes to show their emotional vulnerability. I can understand the feelings for abortion, but attempted suicide really?? It was as good as the attempted suicide by Tamannah's character in Sura.

However the guy's story was just the best sequence in this film. As we have seen how the guy's character has been set-up so far (drunk dialing a girl at midnight on New Year eve) we are forced to believe he is also going to be the normal guy who wants a fling and some gilbajak gilmas with laadiees. But he has a failed relationship too (emotions of india) and he is unwilling to get over it. The best dialogue comes from the guy's flashback sequence when he says to his Girlfriend/partner
"How can I make love to you if you don't even love me"
(Eampaa assistant directors indha maari ezhdhungappaa). Even though his relationship went sour after that, he is not ready to move on, as he is still in love with his (ex) girlfriend or probably the memory of her/the relationship (Layers and Layers of emotions which is just brilliant).

Mokka piece: The imaginary story lines at the beginning, which are supposed to be funny, some scenes mocking Bollywood romance, the suicide attempt scene, all these never had any significant impact, at least for me. I don't know whenever good actors do these kinda forced expressions/over-acting it just irritates me. Maybe that was the intention after all. Still ... Naaahhh

Gethu piece: Dialogues, The guy's storyline, The music... ahh the music ... Wat*a gethu ... I never went through such a spelendid array of bossa/smoooth jazz numbers in succession in a movie ... Here is a director who literally knows about his music stuff ... As a huge jazz fan I absolutely loved it.

Kadaisiyaa enna solla vareenga: The film ends, like the conventional Indian cinema of the 1950s, with the title being uttered. The guy says "Good Night" and the Girl says "Good Morning". Is this because of timezone? Or does this signify that the guy is ready to find closure and get over the previous relationship while the girl is ready to put her past aside and start a fresh/new life (Note pannungappa Note pannungappa pinraampaa pinraampaa)? and also why Goodnight is one word whereas Good Morning - two words? Does this signify something? Indha maarilaam enakku analyze panna theriyadhu .. (Engamma enakku solli kudukkala)

So when you spend Rs.120 to watch painfully obvious romantic movies like Raja Rani this movie is worth the Rs.25. Goodnight Good Morning Good luck.

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