Friday, August 8

The Curse of the Red Devil

India's dismal performance yesterday was apparently the trending topic worldwide. Also new records were created/broken within few mins into the first innings. Everybody went to their respective social media handles to criticise Captain Cool's decision of choosing batting over bowling.
Some expert cricket Analysts (am lookin at you Harsh)argue that his decision was correct, although the weather conditions favoured bowling. Yes Weather does play an important role which I think, at the international level, people will be looking into.

But is that all??

Sadly (for India of course) that's not the reason.

For people with little geographical knowledge (or EPL knowledge), they would know that Old Trafford also houses one of the famous English Football Clubs , Manchester United F.C a.k.a "RED DEVILS".

Flashback: Before the test match begun India visited the MUFC stadium and they had a tour of the stadium, shopped, played etc. Also in addition to that MSD purchased a signature No.7 Manchester United jersey which has it's own legacy. It was previously worn by legends like Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo to name a few. Needless to say our captain had an affiliation to the number.

The No.7 jersey: Even though the no.7 jersey held good for Manchester United till Ronaldo was wearing it, the bad luck started when they sold Ronaldo in 2009 which resulted in them losing the first spot in the premier league after 3 years. After Ronaldo the no.7 was worn by Michael Owen and Antonio Valencia who both performed terribly while wearing it. It went so far that Antonio Valencia finally gave up the No.7 and went to No.25. It was psycologically uplifting for him as he got back to scoring goals.

It doesn't just stop there.

The curse of Man U Fandom: We all know the Indian Cricket players are big fans of football and EPL. In addition to that Dhoni also captains the Chennai Super Kings IPL team (whistle podu) in which he wears the No.7 jersey as well. CSK were in amazing form and won the 2010 and 2011 IPL season. They were also the first Indian team ever to win Chamions League T20 in 2010. In a post match interview after the 2011 season victory, Ashwin said that CSK is becoming invincible and "we are the Manchester United of IPL", a thought that was generally agreed upon. The downfall of CSK started after this, as they have not tasted victory yet. Coincidence or Curse? ... Ridiculous indeed.

What the future holds: Needless to say we are already f***ed up in the Old Trafford test and it would need a miracle to win this anyway. Will this bad luck continue in the next match as well?? Also since an important player of Man U has retired, will that also psychologically affect the Indian Cricket Team? Can there be any good happening to you if you are a Man u Fan ( A friend of mine had 11 arrears in his University Examinations since he was a Man U Fan) ?? Will Louis Van Gaal break the jinx and make Indian Cricket team win again ?? Only time will tell.

Note: At this point of time you should've realised that this post doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Instead of sucking up to this ridiculous conspiracy theories or arguing how abysmal the notion is, read this, as it discusses why India might probably not win the Test Series. Some points are valid enough to ponder about.

And you can finally listen to this to calm your mind.

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