Sunday, August 2

Happy friendship day folks

Friendship can be defined as that relationship that gets liberally defined in various blog posts, twitter feeds, facebook walls etc. which makes us realise that nobody even cares about what it actually means. But still we talk about it, cherish it, and even dedicate an entire day to celebrate it which falls on some day in August that you care less to remember. There is social network to remind you of these things right?

Friendship day is that day when you start remembering your friends and think about how you became friends. The rest of the days you spend, of course, thinking about how the hell you even became friends? Cos you know that you should've either been high or blind to call your friends as friends.

Understanding this difficulty, companies like Archie's, Hallmark and other useless souvenir shops created the iconic friendship band. What is a friendship band you may ask and the answer would be another question : are you really a human being living in earth? Friendship band is a unique piece of cloth with designs woven into it by children for their second std arts and crafts project for which we pay ridiculously high prices to tie it to our friend's hand.

The absolute pointlessness of this gesture is the reason why Nietzsche ended up claiming life itself is pointless. Needless to say that a man who died of syphilis might not have had that much of friends in the first place to actually agree with such a pointless observation.

Since we are talking about Nietzsche we now need to ask the bigger questions of life at which point you might ask why are you asking so many questions? Well you aren't writing this post are you? And also you have no idea how hard it is to segue into to a completely random stuff like Nietzsche while talking about friendship.

Fairly referring Nietzsche twice in this post, and hence proclaiming my half baked intelligence, we can now jump into that existential conundrum: who is a friend? A friend is a person who reads this sentence in the hope of actually finding an answer to the question who is a friend ignoring the fact how ridiculously irreverent the rest of the post is. Also this triggers another question - is that really an existential conundrum?

This is the very point you have to reassess your entire life as it shows how jobless you are reading this post and what the hell are you doing with your life? Do you even have a life? When you don't even have a life how can you talk or think about friendship? Why should you read this blog anyway?

If that's too much of heaviness for you in one day then you need a friend to share your load (okay no pun intended ... Seriously), who sounds like he knows many things, who sounds really intelligent by using french words and phrases while taking/writing in English.

Ne vous inquiétez pas. Je serai toujours là pour toi ami

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