Wednesday, September 2

Que Mystery

Tata Crucible is coming up and I need a partner. I do have a partner with whom I attend all the quizzes, let's call her my wife, who has the habit of repeatedly insisting that she wants to attend the quiz even though she is least interested. You might ask Why is that so? Well I need to tell you that the question is as unnecessary and irrelevant as the Vice President of India. With all the naivite when I asked the same question, the response was simple and obvious - "Oh ... So yo don't want me to come eh??". Needless to mention that this conversation hyperboled into the general direction of how I'm always wrong about everything.

If anything you can observe from the above anecdote is that there is a fundamental difference between the way men and women approach relationship. Women are always worried about the petty things in life like - managing finances of the household, the integrity of the housemaid and the quality of work she is doing, which pipe needs repair and which appliance needs service, how much money to save for kids and parents etc. while Men actually are worried the bigger problems in life like - Will Man City sign Kevin de Bruyne? This lack of immaturity from women is also shown when they are not able to enjoy intelligent jokes likes this one

What's the difference between a traingle and Chelsea? - A Triangle has 3 points

If you didn't enjoy the above joke it's safe to say that you probably are a women (or not a football fan or a chelsea fan or a person who doesn't enjoy humour in general, but let's not digress into that). I realised this lack-of-funny-bone problem on one beautiful morning, when I woke up from bed and saw my wife busy with some household chores, went near her, held her hand, looked at her beautiful face glistening in the morning sun and said "How awesome was that panenka from Sanchez?". To this day I don't know why her face turned red in anger and why there was no salt in the Sambhar prepared that day.

I'm not a closet misogynist and this is not my way of coming out. That's why I mentioned to her that probably it is only because of her lack of her interest we're not doing good in any quizzing event, ignoring the fact that she was the one who anwered 60% of the questions in our previous attempt. I do not know why she is not able to understand the simple logic that quizzes are meant for pure enjoyment and telling interesting anecdotes/facts that are in no way related to any of the questions rather than getting the correct answers. Stating the same reason, I told her that we probably lack the Chemistry required to be a proper quizzing team and she got really mad for not having said what I said, but for using the word Chemisty.

Long back Chemistry was a term that was used to denote the works of people like J.D Lee, Morrisson & Boyd etc., whose books we used to buy few days before IIT - JEE and AIEEE to, pay close attention as am going to reveal one of the biggest secrets that goes with the preparation of such tough exams, sleep on. Apparently this is called passive learning. However, Chemistry right now means something that is exclusively used in TV shows to describe how people are dancing. If you don't know squat about dancing and you end up judging a dance show then the one word that you can constantly use and re-use is Chemistry or the lack of it. In one of the shows the judge got so creative that he actually ended up saying that "the Chemistry was not organic". He must be an IIT grad.

Anyway due to the problem of Chemistry (or the lack of it), am now without a team member and I really do require one before the registration closes. If you have read the entire post line by line (thanks a lot) and between lines (thanks a lot and I guess you've lot of time to waste) then you know what I expect from a prospective quizzing partner. Just FYI - anyone who is willing to be a partner have to note that you'll be put through a screening process that is tougher than JEE by you-know-who. Expecting some good news soon ;)